An Act of Faith

My sister-in-law, Cathy, is in hospice as her body wears down nearing its release on life.

It’s been difficult seeing her anguish in pain until the medication kicked in and even harder to see her struggle for each breath. It’s difficult to see her loved ones (including me) struggle with the realization of letting her go.

My brother asked me to write about our childhood years – we were kids together. They lived two houses down from us growing up. As I pondered those growing up years, my memory brought back some really fun times. It brought up childhood traumas as well.

As I held these things in my heart, I came to realize that there was a constant stream running through my life and through hers.


She went to a different church and I daresay she certainly did not believe the same today. Yet, Faith prevailed. An unyielding perception in a Loving presence that guided and supported us.

Certainly, we could get ourselves into our own brand of difficulty as my memory certainly brought to my attention. Yet, whether it was difficulty of our own making or difficulty brought to us by life, this current of Faith, carried us forward.

When we speak of water flowing, we use the word current. When we speak of being present, we use the word current, like current events. Events unfolding out of previous happenings. Water currents flowing from the headwaters to the ocean.

We sometimes feel the current of life or the current of life’s events might carry us away. Yet, there is a stronger current that carries us through. Faith. Rather than battling life’s currents, we flow into the current of Faith and float upon the waters of inner peace.

Not easy! We want to fight the stream! We want to kick against the flow! The key is to know when Faith urges us to fight for what we believe or when Faith asks us to surrender our will into the current of Love and Light. Sometimes we don’t know the difference until we’ve leaped over the waterfall or have been dragged beyond it. Yet, Faith holds its course in the process.

Faith grants us the strength to do the things we feel we cannot. Faith grants us the peace to stand up for what we believe in. Faith grants us courage to release our expectations and let go of our need to control circumstances.

Faith is a choice of will and a gift from God at the same time. Faith arrives when we are out of options. Faith abides when we cannot hang on. Faith builds as our trust ignites.

You know this. You live this.

And yet, doubt sits heavy upon our hearts. We doubt that there is enough Love and Light to help. We doubt that we are worthy of being lifted by Faith. We doubt that Faith can carry us through. Doubt is the mechanism by which we recognize Faith. Honor the doubt - Faith strengthens. Recognize the doubt - Love and Light renew their efforts to be experienced.

Whatever measure of Faith we have will be strengthened and supplemented. Faith carries us through.

So, as I await notification that Cathy has breathed her last, I have Faith that we will meet again. I have Faith that she will be carried gently over to the Other Side. I have Faith that my Creator is her Creator, too. I have Faith that soon she will rest in Creator’s arms where she will await my arrival.

Whatever challenge you might be facing, may Faith make its presence known to you. May Faith carry you through.

Living in the Outcome

Setting a goal or having a dream creates a spiritual energy field that opens us to “Creation Energy” – the energy of manifesting what the heart desires. When that which we desire eludes us, we feel disappointed and frustrated with the process, with God(Higher Power, Great Spirit, Universe, All That Is, Spirit - whatever that is for you) and with ourselves.

A fine line exists between holding onto expectations and holding onto our dreams. Expectations limit our dreams and hinder the Creation Energy available to us. Expectations tell or demand. Dreams open our awareness to all possibilities that fulfill our heart’s desires.

If I WANT a new job, then Spirit says, “Okay, you get to WANT that.” Creation Energy stops there. DESIRE for a fulfilling job lets me live in the outcome – feeling blessed and fulfilled. Creation Energy flows powerfully through the physical plane opening doors of opportunity for my fulfillment.

Living in the outcome allows Creation Energy to flow powerfully through our hearts and minds allowing us to open ourselves to fulfillment of our heart’s desire.

Your heart can rejoice right now for the opportunity that will present itself. Living in the outcome allows us to enjoy today to the fullest – even when we struggle with current circumstances. Living in the outcome gifts us with unlimited possibilities. Possibilities we might have never imagined possible!

By focusing upon a specific expectation, I limit Creation Energy in my behalf. By expecting a new job, Spirit cannot transform your current job. By expecting a new relationship, Spirit cannot transform you in the current relationship.

Expectations limit Creation Energy. Expectations yield disappointments. Living in the outcome generates the energy field that supports the new blessing we request. Doors to blessings open when we focus upon FEELING blessed, joyful, happy, loved, and fulfilled. Doors open in unexpected, surprising, and delightful ways.

What FEELING do you hope for? Live that feeling. That’s the activation point for Creation Energy. Begin Living In The Outcome – NOW!!


The little flowers and plants begin their journey to fulfill their destiny – they grow so they can bloom. Forsythia burst into bloom at the first hint of warm weather! Bright yellow flowers greet springtime and offer us a reminder that winter eventually loosens its icy grip.

The earliest flowers come from bulbs. Those tiny plants push their way to the surface of the cold ground to emerge with intent toward their ultimate purpose. The tender shoots press on past rocks and other obstacles toward the warming nature of the sun. Those plants send roots deep into the soil to support their long leaves, tall stems and bright blossoms.

In the fullness of their time, they bloom. We enjoy the bright yellows, deep purples and vivid reds they display with wild abandon!

Soon, other plants follow their lead. Buds form, leaves emerge and our world feels alive again.

Like the flowers, we each own a destiny, too. We plant roots, emerge, and grow. In the fullness of time we bloom and express the richness of Spirit within our being.

Take heed of the flowers, my friends.

Flowers cannot grow without the warmth of the sun. We require the Light of Love in order to flourish. Are we availing ourselves of it?

Plants root themselves deeply into the soil. Do we root ourselves in loving actions and joy of living?

Flowers don’t allow blocks and obstacles to stop them. They grow around them or through them! Does discouragement and worry obstruct our way?

All plants emerge from winter with new determination to fulfill their destiny. We too, emerge from winter with renewed intent to find spiritual expression in loving service, tender compassion and genuine love.

May your springtime be blessed so you can bless others with your bright expression of Divine Love

Suicide’s Secret Message: A Treasure Map to Joy

with Janice Lynch

I've been through the depths of despair and I've risen to joyfully doing what I love with my whole heart.  The journey hasn't always been easy.  Yet, the journey has been, without a doubt, blessed, joy-filled and amazing.

In this video, I will share with you my journey - but mostly the tools that got me through the rough spots.

Talking about someone taking one's own life is a challenging subject at best.  There are so many sides to the story.  So much pain.  Pain for the one considering it.  Pain for the loved ones left with heartache and an unquenchable grief.

Suicide is the 2nd highest cause of death for young people ages 10 - 24.  Yet, suicide​ holds an incredible message - if you can discover it.  This message brings you through the pain and into a bright joyful life.

You may feel that you are in the depths of despair or drifting in and out of a despairing state of being.  Get ready to see a way out. . . a lasting way out.

Maybe you feel like your life doesn't matter.  Find a new perspective and re-discover your sense of worth.

Perhaps ou wish you could just end it.  Been there . . . nearly did that.  Learn how to put an end to that  pain - forever.

Maybe you've lost a loved one to suicide.  Acquire a new level of understanding a learn to live beyond the tragedy.  A new level of peace awaits you.​

I've experienced the treasure you seek​.  I know how to get there from here.  And, I have a map for you to follow.  The silly pirate's treasure map graphic isn't to make light of such a serious subject, but rather to acknowledge that the journey is tricky! not straight line of thinking will get you where you want to go.  An adventure awaits!  And in the journey, you'll find a lasting treasure.

Get ready to have your mind blown and your perceptions rocked.​

May this bless you richly.​

5 Essential Tools for an Empath

Are you sensitive? Do you feel too much? Do you know how other people feel before they do? Do you try to make everyone happy so you don't feel their pain?

Do you feel shut down? Numb?

Do you struggle to block others or shield yourself? Do you find it exhausting to try?

You may be an Empath. An Empath feels things beyond empathy. We can empathize with someone going through a hard time. An Empath will feel everything they are going through.

There is more than one type of Empath.

One will feel physical pain in their own body if you hurt yourself or fall down.​  Another kind of Empath will sense how another feels even if they are pretending to be okay. This sensing is more than sensing, it is carried in the Empath's body and becomes part of their life experience. Distance can assist one from not feeling so much, yet if there is a deep emotional connection, the Empath will feel what is going on with another no matter how many miles separate them. . . 

When hiding, isolating, blocking, shielding, crying, being angry, and resisting no longer works . . .

Saturday, November 19th

1 - 4pm

At The Divine Fellowship

513 Barth Ave. Richland, WA 

Suggested Donation $40

No one will be turned away for lack of funds - this is THAT important!

Another type of Empath may not even be aware they are "picking up" the emotional or physical energy from another. They will just realize days later that the last time the felt good was before they talked to that one person.

Do any (or all) of these sound familiar? Then you could really use some tools to help you life your life as an Empath!!!

Please join us as Janice Lynch offers tools and guidance in this upcoming worth-shop.

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Ghosts 101

​Friday, October 28th at 6pm at The Divine Fellowship           513 Barth, Richland, WA

Are there such things as ghosts? Where do they come from? What can they do? How do I know if there is one near me? What do I do? Is a ghost different then a loved one that's crossed over? How come some people can see them and others can't?

So many questions. . . .

It's Halloween!   Are you creeped out?

I've got answers for you. Let me help you understand the spiritual realms so you can navigate in your world safely and without fear. Being spooked out a bit is kinda fun on Halloween, yet living in fear of ghosts can haunt a person all year long. Get get armed with information that not only helps you understand what you might be experiencing but teaches you how to deal with it.​

If time permits, and your nerves can stand it, we may share some real live ghost stories!​


October 28th


The Divine Fellowship    513 Barth Ave.​              Richland, WA

5 Things A Psychic Cannot Do

There are some things a psychic just cannot do.  Sometimes our fear about their abilities keeps us from utilizing their talents.

Not necessicarily in order of importance:

1.    We cannot read your mind or "see" your secrets.  

It's true we can get on the same wavelength and "know" words that have significance to a client or we can tune in and connect with you regarding something that is on your heart.  Most Psychics also have very keen observations skills, so they "perceive" where you are and what you might be feeling.  

That fear of someone knowing your thoughts or reading your mind makes people tense up and throw up shields and blocks that hinder the actual reading.  Yes, a great reader can tune in to what Spirit (Divine Source) would have you know and offer keen insights for you.  It's just really hard work.  Relax.  It really helps the process.  

If you have secrets, we won't pick them up unless YOU are ready to deal with them.  If a psychic picks up on something you've got hidden away, it's because your soul is ready to clear that old stuff.  Relax. Trust the process.

2.  A psychic cannot tell the future.

What?!  Then what good are they and what's all the hype about this?!?  

Here's the deal.  The future is fluid.  If a psychic "sees" an outcome, that's based upon things staying as they are - without change.  Should you change your mind, change your heart, change your actions . . . the future changes.  The good news is, if you don't like what might be offered as a result, then you have the opportunity to make some changes.  Utilize your psychic's abilities to your benefit by asking HOW you could change yourself and what actions might lead to a different result.

3.  A psychic cannot tell you what to do.

The future, your future - your life - is your own.  No one can tell you what to do.  Any classes I teach, I highly and strongly suggest the use of terms like; You might want to consider . . . I would be helpful for you to . . . If it were me I might . . . or One thing that might be helpful would be . . . 

These comments keep the psychic humble and aware of each person's personal power of choice.  Saying, "You need to do this or that." Or, "You should do this other thing" takes a person's personal power away.  Who likes to be told what to do?  Not me!  Telling someone else what they should do diminishes their ability to listen to their own heart.  That's the real source of power - the heart.  When you know in your heart to do a thing, it gets done.  When we follow because someone said to do so, our actions are not empowered and probably won't work anyway.

Whatever a psychic tells you - check in with your own heart-space.  Does it ring true for you?  Then you might want to follow that suggestion.  If it doesn't feel right, then ask yourself more questions.  Does it just seem unfamiliar?  It might be something you never would have thought of so it seems foreign.  That doesn't mean it's wrong or wrong for you.  Sit with it.  Let your heart ponder on it.  If is begins to resonate with you, then consider it.  Trust your heart.

4.  A psychic cannot fix you, your relationship, your work situation, or your life.

A really good psychic can offer you insights to see what's not working in these areas so you can consider new actions.  Armed with information like:  What my partner needs from me right now; and what lesson this job is bringing to me to learn; what life lesson is being activated at this time, allows you insights for clarity.  

Often people utilize a psychic reading because they get all bunched up about what's going on and they can't see the forest for the trees.  A psychic can show you, "This is an elm.  Here's what it needs to grow and be healthy."  "This is a butterfly bush.  Here's what it prefers."  "At work, your lesson seems to be to learn all you can and be ready to move on."  "Your relationship hasn't had sufficient fun recently.  What can you do for fun to bring joyfulness back into the mix?"  

The insights may be simple yet powerful and just what you really needed to hear to help clear your thinking and put you back on track.  Again, YOU do the fixing.  Your change in attitude, awareness and actions bring about change in your world.  Utilize the powerful insights offered to discover a new way for yourself.  That's where the real "fix-it" comes from.

5.  A psychic cannot have power over you.

A psychic may be creepy accurate in their insights and spooky profound in their guidance, but they cannot have power over you.

You are buying a service and that's the line in the sand.  If a psychic tells you that you have to come back for more readings . . . RUN!!!  This person utilizes fear to pad their bank account and they do not have your highest and best good at the heart of their readings.

YOU have the power in your own life.  Yes, sometimes we feel powerless when we get overwhelmed and stuck.  A really good psychic is here to help you get unstuck by showing you the situation clearly and offering insight and options.  That empowers you in your own life - not takes you power.  

Just because you may feel a bit creeped out because of their keen insights when you haven't told them your life story doesn't mean they have power over you.  You may fall victim to the power of suggestion if your trust someone whose only interest is their pocket book.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of psychic's I know are genuinely kindhearted and desiring to be of service.  Again, trust your own heart in this matter.  If it doesn't feel right, sit with it.  Is it just unfamiliar or just flat-out not right for you.  Knowing that you are in power here assures that you are in power here.

Bottom line:  a really good psychic offers amazing insights to assist you in getting clarity, shifting your thinking, and moving forward,  Relax and trust the process and trust your own heart to guide you into truth.

Bless The Potential

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Last year, we had 7 trees removed that bordered our property and the new construction behind our house.  It was sad to see trees go, but since they were Russian Olive trees (pretty but vicious with spikes!) we released them with a blessing.

For these many months, it's been pretty bare out in the back.  We see lots of sky, so that's been great.  We've had more exposure to winds without those trees.  The latest change has been the addition of a grey block wall (not pretty) behind the house.  We appreciate this wall as it provides us with a solid boundary in our world and a neat backdrop for plantings.

Except we didn't have many plantings.  We didn't plant anything in the spring because we were unsure as to what the boundary between the properties would look like.  With this new wall​, we now know and can proceed.

As a result, we bought two Pink Flowing Plumb trees, two tree variety Rose of Sharon, one shrub Rose of Sharon, and a Smoke Bush.​  Perfect timing to get them in the ground after hot weather and before cold weather.

These are pretty small little plants compared to the giant 30 year old trees that were removed.  Phil has been diligently watering them so they can get their root systems growing and get a great start for next spring.

The future of these plants require care NOW.

The future of your abundance requires your care NOW!

The future of your happiness requires care NOW!​

We think we will wait until we retire, or we finish school, or we finish that project . . . and the care our soul requires gets neglected.

We plant the trees in the fall, knowing they will face the hardship of winter.  Winter happens.  Yet, this timing also gives the plant time to settle in without having to produce leaves or growth on the outside.  The growth is happening beneath the ground and within the plant.

So, too, when we begin to grow spiritually, the growth happens within.  Others may not see it, but it's there.  Hardship may come before we are fully developed, yet we are creating roots and systems for our own support behind the scenes.

That support may include:  a deeper sense of inner knowing; a brighter sense of hope; a clearer sense of purpose; friends that are supportive and caring.​  These may remain unseen to an outsider's perspective.

And yet, when the time is right to really grow and stretch out our awareness and be seen, the inner structure provides a powerful base for this growth.  

How do we create this inner support for ourselves?  Just like these little trees require watering daily, water the soul daily with positive words from others further along the path (read a book) and positive words from our own selves.  It's easy to find fault with ourselves, yet, spiritual growth requires the caring attention to positive self-talk.  

Find time to sit quietly (okay, so sometimes that's a miracle) and ask what Spirit (Divine Source, God, Higher Power - whatever) wants you to know.  As you quietly reflect, things will be brought to mind, or the phone will ring with a friend who just happens to share some information that blesses you.  Or within a few minutes you have a flash of insight.  The more often time is taken to do this, the more quickly the messages and responses can come. . . that's inner growth!

Creating hope requires feeding ourselves hope on a regular basis.  Feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated cancel out our hope.  Hope is a positive anticipation.  A looking forward to something better.  A knowing that each day is a new day and each moment is a new moment to feel brighter and to be brighter.  (Forget perfect.  We cannot get there from here.  Let that go.  Stick with "brighter" and release perfection.)​  (Likewise, forget expectations - how we think it SHOULD be.  That's judgment and will snuff out hope in a heartbeat.)  Hope - knowing a brighter time is coming.  Even in the dead of winter, there is hope of spring.  Feed that hope with pictures of sunshine and blue skies.  Feed your hope with pictures of brighter days ahead.  (Literally and figuratively.  If you can find pictures of what epitomizes your hopes and dreams, post them where you can see them!  

Feed that HOPE!!  The tender roots of your spiritual growth require it!

Find friends who hold common interests and support your spiritual growth.  Family doesn't always fit this bill.  That's okay.  We can love them anyway and find mutually supportive relationships beyond blood kinships.  Seek and ye shall find.  They are out there!  If you are nourishing and blessing yourself spiritually, you will be drawn to others on that same path.

Find a renewed sense of purpose.  Whatever we do, when we express the inner spiritual journey into our actions - that's purpose.  Grocery shopping provides an opportunity to smile and be kind in a world of tired folks just struggling to get through the day.  Doing laundry blesses our family.  Typing that letter the boss wants puts food on our table and provides a quality service.  Doing even the simple things in life with a greater purpose of spiritual awareness yields great spiritual growth and blessings.​

Whether you are in the springtime of spiritual growth or flowing into winter spiritually, nourish and bless yourself spiritually NOW!​  You are worth it.  The growth happens even if you don't see it happening.  You will look back and know that this is the time you grew.  

I Bless you.  Bless and be blessed!

Powering UP

Column 1

I recently asked if anyone had a request for this blog section.  Here is one response:  How about "powering up" our energies so that when issues arise we don't automatically engage the 'disconnect' switch on our emotions.  Help us understand that engaging the 'connect/disconnect' switch can be a conscious choice informed by what we know to be right and good!

Well, there is a lot to this request and I believe there is more than one question being asked here.

First of all, let's chat a bit about "Powering Up"

When we utilize our intent and awareness, we intensify our abilities and "Power Up" to receive more insights, awarenesses, and guidance.  This powering up involves utilizing the power of our intent.

Meaning:  Have you ever been blind-sided by an intuitive flash?  Sensing so strongly that you are kinda overwhelmed?  This happens when we continually disconnect from our intuition and live with it shut down.  Then occasionally, when we are distracted by life, our intuition activates intensely and we feel overloaded.  

This happens because it is unnatural for us to shut off our intuition.  Our inner being wants to be united with energy (Divine Energy/Universal Energy/Spiritual Energy) and utilize its strength.  When we live shut down, the inner being wants to reconnect our intuition with Divine Source, so attempts to reboot us with a strong and powerful kick.  That kick may be uncomfortable!  

The key to this experience is to STAY TUNED in.​  Yet, we shut down because the connection is so powerful and we don't understand it, so we feel it is not okay. (Or because others don't understand it and convince us that our intuition is not okay.)

I continuously teach classes about learning to utilize our intuitive power/ability in a safe and comfortable way.  By learning to connect safely, one can stay tuned in without distress or discomfort.  If you cannot attend classes with me or someone else with whom you feel safe , then try this:  Think of someone you know and have positive feelings about.  Ask to receive a word for them.  This does not require you to deliver this word, merely receive.  Be still and see what comes through.  Perhaps the word might seem silly or odd.  Just thank Divine Source for giving this to you and let it go.  The next time you speak with this person, see if the word comes up.  This word is between your inner being and Divine Source.  However, if you feel it's appropriate, you can tell the person with whom you are speaking that you were thinking of them the other day and this same word came to mind.  They don't need to know why it came into your mind or how - until you might become comfortable sharing that information.  This word might be a validation that might bless them.

This Divine Connection and interaction utilizing your intuition is natural, normal and important for one's spiritual balance.  

Some people make a big deal out of lighting a candle and saying a prayer - which is a really great practice!  At the same time, using your intuition is really natural and doesn't require lengthy preparation​.  Maybe the preparation helps you feel prepared to receive.  Then by all means, please prepare!  At the same time, please know that you intuition normally and naturally connects to Divine Source and not the negative stuff.  

However, if you are in a state of worry or fear, this requires one to prepare one's self and remove self from the unnatural state of being of worry, anger, and fear.  (And their cousins - bitterness, despair, resentment, and the like.)  These emotions are normal, yet unnatural to the state of being connected to Divine Source and powered up in one's intuitive state.

We don't disconnect from our emotions as LOVE fuels the intuition process.  We do want to disconnect from denser emotions in order to power up.  ​

Now phase two of this discussion is having the connection as a conscious choice:

The optimum conscious choice for me is to stay powered up all the time.  I choose not to disconnect as that has become an unnatural state of being for me.  At the same time, I honor and pay attention to the intuitive information coming at me, so I no longer have those startling, overwhelming, unexpected flashes of insight.  It's is natural steady stream of awareness that feels really good!

Yet, as an empath, I still feel what others are feeling and I do require a safe level of connection - safe level of dis-connecting to other people - while remaining connected to Divine Source.  ​Other people can send out tremendous amounts of emotional energy that impinges upon our intuitive insights if we get caught up in the energetic maelstrom.

So, the second aspect of this is staying tuned in and powered up to our intuition and Divine Source without being overloaded by other people.  How do we do that?

My response to this may seem a bit odd... I strongly suggest that one might want to create a reservior of energy. This stash of energy provides us a cushion to sustain and support us.  Once can create a pool of energy through lots of different activities.  Writing, drawing, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, walking the dog, dancing, observing the flow of water in a stream, visualizing flowing water in a stream . . .to name a few.

Without a cushion of energy, other people's stuff feels too intense.  With a cushion of energy, other people's energy sits in a place of observable without becoming emotionally challenging to us.  Yes, we still care that others are hurting or upset.  Yet, we can allow them to be where they are.  We can observe and respond with active caring without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.  We can hear what others have to say without feeling the need to be defensive or angry.  We can tune in and see if it resonates with us or triggers an old wound that has come to the surface to heal.  Dealing with each situation with loving intent brings great healing to our hearts and our past. . . IF we have the energetic reserves to allow ourselves the process.

What I'm saying here is this:  Shutting down intuitively blocks our awareness of the flow and connection to Divine Source.  Shutting down emotionally blocks our awareness of the flow and connection to Divine Source.  Tremendous POWER awaits our intent.  Powering UP, allows us to move through life's challenges with grace and strength not available to us when we are shut down.  We shut down when we don't understand this intuitive power.  It all becomes a vicious cycle.  

We stop the vicious cycle of blocked awareness when we:

1.  Allow ourselves the time and opportunity to generate an energetic reservoir of energy through creativity and interaction with nature.

2.  Actively tune in to Divine Source - beginning with asking for insights for another with whom we hold a positive awareness.

3.  Trust the flow of insights and impressions. 

4.  Stay powered up and connected as we observe and respond to life with Divine Strength and Grace gifted to us through our intuition.

5. Avoid shutting down emotionally by activating LOVE and AWARENESS.​

This is not to say this is easy.  Simple, but not easy.  Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the time and attention necessary to ease into this awareness and powered up state of being.  Once tuned in, this natural state of being will support and guide you in all things. 

(Note:  Check your boundaries at this point.  If someone upsets you, then look to see what the set-up wants you to look at.  What is being set up to observe?  If we are upset because that person spoke before we had our coffee, we might want to look at our addiction to coffee rather than being upset at the other person for wishing to engage with us.  If we become angry because someone didn't do what we wanted them to do or how we expected them to react, then we get to look at our expectations.  If we feel like we were thrown under the bus to a supervisor at work about a confidence we shared, we get to look at who we can and cannot trust.  Our boundaries may be unsustainable in their current form.  The "upset" we experience may be our inner being "Setting Us Up" know it's time to shift and become aware in a new light, a new perspective.  Being "Powered UP" brings us UP!  Higher energy.  The denser things come into sharp focus for us to review and shift.)

So, let's review "Powering UP"​ . . . the power is there.  It is natural and free flowing, bringing us insights, courage, strength, and guidance.  As necessary, we utilize the processes of lighting a candle or meditation to release us from lower vibrations that block our awareness of Divine Connection.  We create and allow ourselves access to energetic reservoirs - cushions of energy - to assist us when dealing with others.  We energetically open our awareness on behalf of another with whom we share positive energy and safely power up our intuition and energy fields. Energy flows naturally and safely to bless us and others.  "Powering UP" flows directly from Divine Source and you have a right to receive it and allow it to strengthen and uplift you.

"Powering UP" becomes the new normal!

Divine Timing/Saved My Bacon!

As an addendum to my previous post regarding Divine Timing . . . 

I was scheduled to do a business clearing due to some "spooky" stuff happening there.  We were all set to arrive at a particular time.  I got a call from the employee confirming the day and time.  I had a funny feeling that this is not a good time to do this and rescheduled for the following week.

Later that evening, I got a call from the employee who said the delay "saved my bacon!"

Apparently, his employer had been under review and there had been surveillance cameras throughout the building.  If we had proceeded with the plan, this would have looked really bad for this employee and his boss.

As it was, the boss was exonerated from all ​questions and my friend retained his job.

It's really good to listen to those small little "not okay" feelings we get.  It pays of big time!  I might have in the past felt like I should have done the deed anyway because, well, I said I would.  Time and difficult experiences showed me it's best to listen.

Listening doesn't always mean using your ears.  Spirit (Divine Source) speaks to us through our body . . . we might get a heavy feeling or a "not okay" feeling, or we might feel apprehensive about something.  This is a sign that something is off.  It may not be you that's off.  It might be something about the circumstances that are unseen as yet.  

It becomes a challenge to stop and listen and then trust.  How many times do we say, "I knew better."  "I didn't feel right about that."  It's okay to postpone or back out of something because it just doesn't feel right.  The key is to be real about it.  Don't just let someone down by not showing up.  ​

Learning to trust those inner urgings takes time.  Allow yourself the opportunity to move in that direction.  Beating one's self up about what we "should have done" wastes precious spiritual energy that can be used to manifest your heart's desires.​  Use your energy for that which serves your highest and best good.

Like our Kindergarten teachers would say, "Be a good listener!"​