Divine Timing

Divine Timing
I love it when Spirit (Divine Source, God, Higher Power … Whatever) makes what I need to know really clear. Sometimes the messages come in stages.
Like just this last week, I was shown the Church’s dream catcher. I wondered why this came into my awareness. I pondered with an open heart and open mind and wait. (I do NOT like the waiting part!) I’m shown the feathers. I ask if I might need to do something like dust it or repair the places where the feathers are attached. Nothing. No response. Okay, that’s not it.
So I wait.
Within about two hours I get a call from an artist who has created a dream catcher and would like to put it on display at the church. He mentions the feathers. Bingo! This is my sign that having his dream catcher at church is way okay and would be a blessing to us all. Sight unseen, I give him permission to hang it where it seems to fit the best.
Clear. Nearly immediate response. (I only had to wait a couple of hours.)
Not too long ago, I was shown, in my mind’s eye, a package of photo paper. I was going to use it for a project and then found another solution. So I ask, “Am I to print a picture on this?” The response was, “Well, you could.” So that’s not it exactly.
Last night I was cleaning my office (big shock! At least the desk is now visible.) and spotted these photo paper again. “Here’s the photo paper. What would You like me to do with that?”
Nothing. Nada. So I’m still waiting on that one.
Just this morning, I discovered an e-mail that I hadn’t seen. It was dated back in June. I’m a little slow on checking e-mails, but not THAT slow. So, it wasn’t time for me to see this particular e-mail. Found out about an hour later that another person had been praying for this very solution just last night. This information was an answer to her prayer. If I had seen the e-mail when it was sent, I probably would not have passed the information on to who really needed it.
Last night, I sent a phone number to a client as a referral to one of my students who has gone professional. (She has an office and everything!)
The client tried the phone number. Wrong number.
I sent my now professional associate the client’s number and sure enough, it was the same number I had sent the client earlier. The timing wasn’t right for them to connect at the moment I sent the number, so the call didn’t get through to the right person.
Divine Timing frustrates the heck out of us most of the time.
We don’t understand the delays, the hesitations, the WAIT!
Yet, there are things going on behind the scenes, working in our behalf to assist us to our highest and best good. If we could only believe that. If we could, we would realize that Divine Source is RELENTLESS when it comes to our highest and best good. Divine Source will settle for nothing less than the best when we allow that.
I’m going to be doing a message at The Divine Fellowship at the end of the month where I refer to the word WAIT as a four-letter word. We who are on a spiritual path despise waiting . . . usually.
The clearer we are as we wait, the faster the answers come.
If you are in a period of WAIT, ask Spirit what this is about. Would it be good for me to do this? Then WAIT some more. If that is the right path or course of action, you will receive confirmation fairly quickly. Perhaps a couple of hours. Perhaps a day or so. WAIT for it.
That confirmation may show up as someone saying something to you that gives you more information, or a song on the radio, or a flash of a visual in your mind’s eye, or a flash of insight, or a memory of something related to this situation.
Ponder what comes through and ask for confirmation. “Oh, is THIS what would be good for me at this time?”
You might feel a wave of relief, or a sense of ring true, or a feeling of calm. If so, this gives you the confirmation that you are on the right track.
If you still find yourself in WAIT mode, then know, for sure, that things are happening behind the scenes in your behalf. Breathe and know that there are plenty of other things requiring attention like laundry, messy office, checking in with a sick friend. Do those things while you wait.
Trust the process.
May the Source Be With You!

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Summon “Brilliance” Into Your Life

By Janice Lynch

I’ve had a song running around in my head today, An oldie but goodie, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” I was wondering what that was about since I hadn’t heard it on the radio.

I began to recognize how many times I’ve had to start over. Projects, careers, health care, and friendships, to name a few. Starting over is hard. Every time things changed, I felt I had failed.

Discarding an effort can lead to feeling let down or discouraged. Finally we reach rock bottom. We have nothing left to give and nothing left to try—that we currently know. Remember, rock bottom is the bedrock of a new foundation from which we build or re-build.

Discouragement isn’t the same as dissatisfaction. It’s okay to be dissatisfied with the status quo. Dissatisfaction does not exclude gratitude. One may find gratitude for the blessings currently in their life and still find themselves open to something that serves them better. Dissatisfaction heralds the awareness that more is possible. Better things await. Better than now. Better than what was.

Dissatisfaction means we don’t know for sure what we want, but we know a change is on the horizon—or on our doorstep. The change may be by our own doing, life circumstances, or someone else’s actions or choices. Shift happens and we are propelled into change.

We can resist change or we can use the momentum of change to summon that which is better into our lives. Even if we cannot imagine what ‘better’ might look like, The Universe (God, Higher Power, Divine Source, Spirit, All That Is {whatever your belief system upholds) wants ‘better’ for you and is willing to summon not only that which is ‘better’ into your life, but brilliance - right now!

Brilliance is the radiant energy of worthy work, caring friendships, improved vitality, and fulfilling projects. Brilliance feeds the soul and strengthens the physical form. (Don’t you feel the energy of those words!?!)

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Look for Brilliance! Brilliance begets brilliance. When you shine, others shine around you. Then, more shining, radiant opportunities find their way to your doorstep.

Find your bedrock. Summon brilliance. Allow radiance and spiritual blessings to abound. You Are Brilliant!

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