Dream Quest

An Intensive Experiential Worth Shop


  • How to Read Crystals
  • How to Read Shaman Stones
  • Your numerology and energetic signature
  • Multiple healing modalities
  • How to See Auras

Meet Your Spirit Guides

Have a Visionary Experience​

Get Your Spirit Name

and Much Much More​

A quest is a seeking, a journey to find something highly valued -- either an object, an understanding, or an experience. Dream Quest is a seeking, a journey in search of your true,spiritual self -- that part of you that transcends the physical world -- that part of you that is the healer, the intuitive, the powerfully alive seer.

Whatever your level of spiritual enlightenment and metaphysical development, Dream Quest deepens your understanding, experience, and abilities. Dream Quest utilizes proven experiential processes to unlock your psychic abilities and accelerate your spiritual/energetic development. Whether just beginning your journey, or an advanced practitioner, Dream Quest heightens your awareness and spiritual development.

Your teacher, Janice Lynch, presents material developed through her years of experience as a Psychic, Medium, Healer, Minister, and Spiritual Teacher. Janice shares with you inspired processes and down-to- earth techniques that make Dream Quest both a launching point and a place of fulfillment for your own personal spiritual journey.

3 Free Labs: 3 Friday’s, 6:30 - 8pm ------- June 10th, June 24th, and July 8th

4 5-hr Sessions: 4 Saturday’s 10am – 3pm (potluck lunch)    

June 11th June 25th, July 9th, and, July 30th

Cost: $380

$340 if paid in full at first class. Or $95 due at each Saturday session

(labs free) $50 per Saturday session for returning Dream Quest Graduates

​A person can read all about life, and never really know how to live. A person can be living, but never really be alive. So it is with spirituality. We can read all the spiritual books we can get our hands on, but only by experiencing these profound spiritual processes in a safe, loving, and supportive environment can we truly incorporate spirituality and awareness into our lives. If you are ready to make the time commitment, the financial commitment and the energetic commitment towards spiritual awareness and your own Dream Quest Community, please reserve your space by calling Janice at (509) 946-8656 at your earliest convenience.