5 Essential Tools for an Empath

Are you sensitive? Do you feel too much? Do you know how other people feel before they do? Do you try to make everyone happy so you don't feel their pain?

Do you feel shut down? Numb?

Do you struggle to block others or shield yourself? Do you find it exhausting to try?

You may be an Empath. An Empath feels things beyond empathy. We can empathize with someone going through a hard time. An Empath will feel everything they are going through.

There is more than one type of Empath.

One will feel physical pain in their own body if you hurt yourself or fall down.​  Another kind of Empath will sense how another feels even if they are pretending to be okay. This sensing is more than sensing, it is carried in the Empath's body and becomes part of their life experience. Distance can assist one from not feeling so much, yet if there is a deep emotional connection, the Empath will feel what is going on with another no matter how many miles separate them. . . 

When hiding, isolating, blocking, shielding, crying, being angry, and resisting no longer works . . .

Saturday, November 19th

1 - 4pm

At The Divine Fellowship

513 Barth Ave. Richland, WA 

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Another type of Empath may not even be aware they are "picking up" the emotional or physical energy from another. They will just realize days later that the last time the felt good was before they talked to that one person.

Do any (or all) of these sound familiar? Then you could really use some tools to help you life your life as an Empath!!!

Please join us as Janice Lynch offers tools and guidance in this upcoming worth-shop.

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Janice Lynch