There are some things a psychic just cannot do.  Sometimes our fear about their abilities keeps us from utilizing their talents.

Not necessicarily in order of importance:

1.    We cannot read your mind or "see" your secrets.  

It's true we can get on the same wavelength and "know" words that have significance to a client or we can tune in and connect with you regarding something that is on your heart.  Most Psychics also have very keen observations skills, so they "perceive" where you are and what you might be feeling.  

That fear of someone knowing your thoughts or reading your mind makes people tense up and throw up shields and blocks that hinder the actual reading.  Yes, a great reader can tune in to what Spirit (Divine Source) would have you know and offer keen insights for you.  It's just really hard work.  Relax.  It really helps the process.  

If you have secrets, we won't pick them up unless YOU are ready to deal with them.  If a psychic picks up on something you've got hidden away, it's because your soul is ready to clear that old stuff.  Relax. Trust the process.

2.  A psychic cannot tell the future.

What?!  Then what good are they and what's all the hype about this?!?  

Here's the deal.  The future is fluid.  If a psychic "sees" an outcome, that's based upon things staying as they are - without change.  Should you change your mind, change your heart, change your actions . . . the future changes.  The good news is, if you don't like what might be offered as a result, then you have the opportunity to make some changes.  Utilize your psychic's abilities to your benefit by asking HOW you could change yourself and what actions might lead to a different result.

3.  A psychic cannot tell you what to do.

The future, your future - your life - is your own.  No one can tell you what to do.  Any classes I teach, I highly and strongly suggest the use of terms like; You might want to consider . . . I would be helpful for you to . . . If it were me I might . . . or One thing that might be helpful would be . . . 

These comments keep the psychic humble and aware of each person's personal power of choice.  Saying, "You need to do this or that." Or, "You should do this other thing" takes a person's personal power away.  Who likes to be told what to do?  Not me!  Telling someone else what they should do diminishes their ability to listen to their own heart.  That's the real source of power - the heart.  When you know in your heart to do a thing, it gets done.  When we follow because someone said to do so, our actions are not empowered and probably won't work anyway.

Whatever a psychic tells you - check in with your own heart-space.  Does it ring true for you?  Then you might want to follow that suggestion.  If it doesn't feel right, then ask yourself more questions.  Does it just seem unfamiliar?  It might be something you never would have thought of so it seems foreign.  That doesn't mean it's wrong or wrong for you.  Sit with it.  Let your heart ponder on it.  If is begins to resonate with you, then consider it.  Trust your heart.

4.  A psychic cannot fix you, your relationship, your work situation, or your life.

A really good psychic can offer you insights to see what's not working in these areas so you can consider new actions.  Armed with information like:  What my partner needs from me right now; and what lesson this job is bringing to me to learn; what life lesson is being activated at this time, allows you insights for clarity.  

Often people utilize a psychic reading because they get all bunched up about what's going on and they can't see the forest for the trees.  A psychic can show you, "This is an elm.  Here's what it needs to grow and be healthy."  "This is a butterfly bush.  Here's what it prefers."  "At work, your lesson seems to be to learn all you can and be ready to move on."  "Your relationship hasn't had sufficient fun recently.  What can you do for fun to bring joyfulness back into the mix?"  

The insights may be simple yet powerful and just what you really needed to hear to help clear your thinking and put you back on track.  Again, YOU do the fixing.  Your change in attitude, awareness and actions bring about change in your world.  Utilize the powerful insights offered to discover a new way for yourself.  That's where the real "fix-it" comes from.

5.  A psychic cannot have power over you.

A psychic may be creepy accurate in their insights and spooky profound in their guidance, but they cannot have power over you.

You are buying a service and that's the line in the sand.  If a psychic tells you that you have to come back for more readings . . . RUN!!!  This person utilizes fear to pad their bank account and they do not have your highest and best good at the heart of their readings.

YOU have the power in your own life.  Yes, sometimes we feel powerless when we get overwhelmed and stuck.  A really good psychic is here to help you get unstuck by showing you the situation clearly and offering insight and options.  That empowers you in your own life - not takes you power.  

Just because you may feel a bit creeped out because of their keen insights when you haven't told them your life story doesn't mean they have power over you.  You may fall victim to the power of suggestion if your trust someone whose only interest is their pocket book.

Generally speaking, the vast majority of psychic's I know are genuinely kindhearted and desiring to be of service.  Again, trust your own heart in this matter.  If it doesn't feel right, sit with it.  Is it just unfamiliar or just flat-out not right for you.  Knowing that you are in power here assures that you are in power here.

Bottom line:  a really good psychic offers amazing insights to assist you in getting clarity, shifting your thinking, and moving forward,  Relax and trust the process and trust your own heart to guide you into truth.