I had an opportunity to clear out a business that appeared to have a "spiritual visitor" - it was haunted.  People were seeing things and experiencing things that were not of this world and they were really getting creeped out.

When the time came, it just didn't feel right, so we postponed the clearing/blessing.

Good thing!  There had been surveillance going on in the building regarding another matter and our being on-site would have really been a problem.

I mentioned this to a friend and he said, "Why doesn't God just handle it?"

Great question!

Why not indeed.

My come from was we live, we die, we wait until the judgment day and then we arise to whatever we've earned in this lifetime.  No room for ghosts there!  So, the first time I saw a ghost, I was beyond surprised.  I chocked it up to a really long day and my imagination.

The next time I saw a ghost, (a disembodied spirit) I was startled, but opening up to the possibility of their existence.  I asked God to deal with it and it was gone.  Whew!

Well, I got to thinking.  How could these things exist?  I'd heard about unfinished business, or trauma at passing.  I learned how to send them packing because I certainly didn't want them hanging around me!

The next time I saw a disembodied spirit, it was a child and seemed sad.  Well, my compassionate heart just couldn't send it away . . . Why was it here?  What did it need?  Any mamma would do the same.  She couldn't find her mommy.  What was I going to do?  

I figured her mommy was still alive.  So now what?  I did the only thing I could think of.  I asked God to send her gramma or great gramma - a passed away loved one -  to come get her.  I saw/sensed a portal of Light open and a beautiful smiling older woman was there calling for this little one and motioning her to come to her.  The little one did!  She ran joyfully into familiar arms.  (Whether she knew this older woman in her life time or not, her little soul recognized her.)  The moment she stepped through the Portal of Light, the Portal closed and she was gone and safe.

So why didn't God just do that for that little girl?  

Free will.

Enter your text here...

We each have a right to choose.  Even a young small soul had the right to choose to not go to the Light.  People can choose to not cross over for lots of reasons.  They don't want to leave behind the things they own, or the people they love.  

Perhaps, they had been a really nasty person in real life and are reluctant to release that power into spiritual surrender.  They might prefer to irritate people that are living - it's what they are used to.

Maybe they feel like they could have handled their life better and they want to observe for a bit.  (These guys can be tricky because they start out being just curious and can end up amplifying negative energy that they may find.  For example, Someone who was always angry may desire to see a better way of living so they observe someone dealing with anger issues.  Unfortunately, their anger intensifies the anger of the one living.  Rather than learning a better way, they delay a person's growth with their involvement.

So again, why doesn't God take care of it!

I got to thinking about that some more.  

Do you remember hearing that what is loosed on Earth is loosed in Heaven and what is bound on Earth is bound in Heaven?  This Earthly realm is our responsibility.

When my son was small, I made his bed.  When he got older, not only did I stop making his bed, but I made him be accountable for it.  He didn't get an allowance or fun activities  if he didn't do the tasks that were his responsibility.

When we are spiritually young, we can ask God (Spirit, Higher Power, Whatever) to take care of ghosts and shadows and it happens.  As we become more spiritually mature, that job falls upon our shoulders.  That small child needed encouragement and to be pointed in the right direction.  She needed a loving soul to assist her.  

For the same reason people get to do bad things or good things.  It's choice.  Without choice we become automatons without a soul.  We have the freedom to choose to be kind or be hateful.  That is an immutable Universal Spiritual Law.  You get to choose.  I get to choose.

For the same reason, we get to choose how we feel.  We can choose to be frustrated about things or allow things to brush past us without ruffling our feathers.  We get to choose to focus on that which we fear, or put our attention upon manifesting a fabulous life.  Our choice.  Divine Source will not make us happy nor make us sad, but respects us enough to allow us to make our own choice about that.

We are less helpless than we know.  Our will, our power of choice makes us incredibly powerful - if we choose.

What will you choose for today, this week?  Will you choose to be agitated, frustrated and afraid?  You get to.  I'm not going to join you.  Have fun with that.  Or will you choose to step into your courageous self and live in the Light of that courage?  Courageous?  Me?

Absolutely!!!  I have much more to say on this, but will leave you with this thought.  You CHOSE to be an incarnate being.  That's amazing!!  Your strength of will brought you through developmental stages in the womb.  The power of your choice to live brought you through delivery.  You are alive!!  That is the most courageous act of all!  Now take that courage and do courageous things like . . . be kind; be compassionate; be at peace; be helpful; be a blessing to those around you . . . whether they are disembodied spirits or the living.

You choose.