As an addendum to my previous post regarding Divine Timing . . . 

I was scheduled to do a business clearing due to some "spooky" stuff happening there.  We were all set to arrive at a particular time.  I got a call from the employee confirming the day and time.  I had a funny feeling that this is not a good time to do this and rescheduled for the following week.

Later that evening, I got a call from the employee who said the delay "saved my bacon!"

Apparently, his employer had been under review and there had been surveillance cameras throughout the building.  If we had proceeded with the plan, this would have looked really bad for this employee and his boss.

As it was, the boss was exonerated from all ​questions and my friend retained his job.

It's really good to listen to those small little "not okay" feelings we get.  It pays of big time!  I might have in the past felt like I should have done the deed anyway because, well, I said I would.  Time and difficult experiences showed me it's best to listen.

Listening doesn't always mean using your ears.  Spirit (Divine Source) speaks to us through our body . . . we might get a heavy feeling or a "not okay" feeling, or we might feel apprehensive about something.  This is a sign that something is off.  It may not be you that's off.  It might be something about the circumstances that are unseen as yet.  

It becomes a challenge to stop and listen and then trust.  How many times do we say, "I knew better."  "I didn't feel right about that."  It's okay to postpone or back out of something because it just doesn't feel right.  The key is to be real about it.  Don't just let someone down by not showing up.  ​

Learning to trust those inner urgings takes time.  Allow yourself the opportunity to move in that direction.  Beating one's self up about what we "should have done" wastes precious spiritual energy that can be used to manifest your heart's desires.​  Use your energy for that which serves your highest and best good.

Like our Kindergarten teachers would say, "Be a good listener!"​