This is the time of year for spooky stuff! I experienced a profound and humbling encounter with a dark entity some time ago.

I do remote house clearings and often there are dark things causing disturbance. I used to just send them out/away by the authority of Jesus (more on that subject another time.) Then I discovered, by the authority of Jesus, I could send those things into a crystal. I keep small shards of crystal on hand for this purpose. When an entity is sent into a crystal, the crystal will instantly feel heavier or denser.

One house I was clearing had a dark thing that was scratching their children. Not okay! I didn’t want this thing to harm other children, so, by the authority and power of Jesus, into a crystal shard it went. I felt furious at this thing as I was doing the clearing and had a very harsh tone in my voice as I spoke: In The Name Of Jesus Christ, Of Nazareth—BE GONE INTO THIS CRYSTAL!

As I spoke the words, I saw the creature and it was pretty scary. I saw it raging as it was imprisoned within the crystal. Slamming itself up against the bars (the structure of the crystal) and screaming. To my surprise, I saw Jesus there. He was standing outside the prison bars. I was stunned, because He had the most compassionate look on his face as he gazed at this horrible creature.

I placed the crystal into an amethyst cathedral stone I have in my “crystal room” and went on about my business. Sometimes, I have more than one crystal shard in there chilling out.

Weeks later, I was dusting and the crystal fell out of the amethyst cathedral. I picked it up and saw Jesus now inside the bars and this creature was still raging, though it almost looked human. Jesus continued to emanate deep compassion for this thing. I put the crystal back into the amethyst cathedral.

Time passed and I was drawn again to this crystal. As I picked it up this time, I was shown Jesus again within the prison, only this time, the creature was in human form—a male wearing filthy rags. It was sobbing and Jesus sat near him again with that look of deep compassion and love. I replaced the crystal within the amethyst cathedral and went on about my business.

It was many weeks later, and I was drawn back to the crystal and the unfolding drama within. This time, the prison door was open. Jesus was standing next to a handsome man dressed in a suit obviously from the roaring 20’s. The man was calm and peaceful. Jesus

said, “Are you ready to go home?” The man smiled, touched the tip of his fedora, nodded his head and said, “yes.” He and Jesus stepped out of the crystal-into a bright light, and they were gone.

I learned two things from this experience. One, the compassion of Jesus extends beyond any evil any of us can commit. Two, even dark entities shift under the exposure to compassion. Now, when I do house clearings and subsequent entity removal, I do so with the power and authority of Jesus—and His compassion.

Love always wins.