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I recently asked if anyone had a request for this blog section.  Here is one response:  How about "powering up" our energies so that when issues arise we don't automatically engage the 'disconnect' switch on our emotions.  Help us understand that engaging the 'connect/disconnect' switch can be a conscious choice informed by what we know to be right and good!

Well, there is a lot to this request and I believe there is more than one question being asked here.

First of all, let's chat a bit about "Powering Up"

When we utilize our intent and awareness, we intensify our abilities and "Power Up" to receive more insights, awarenesses, and guidance.  This powering up involves utilizing the power of our intent.

Meaning:  Have you ever been blind-sided by an intuitive flash?  Sensing so strongly that you are kinda overwhelmed?  This happens when we continually disconnect from our intuition and live with it shut down.  Then occasionally, when we are distracted by life, our intuition activates intensely and we feel overloaded.  

This happens because it is unnatural for us to shut off our intuition.  Our inner being wants to be united with energy (Divine Energy/Universal Energy/Spiritual Energy) and utilize its strength.  When we live shut down, the inner being wants to reconnect our intuition with Divine Source, so attempts to reboot us with a strong and powerful kick.  That kick may be uncomfortable!  

The key to this experience is to STAY TUNED in.​  Yet, we shut down because the connection is so powerful and we don't understand it, so we feel it is not okay. (Or because others don't understand it and convince us that our intuition is not okay.)

I continuously teach classes about learning to utilize our intuitive power/ability in a safe and comfortable way.  By learning to connect safely, one can stay tuned in without distress or discomfort.  If you cannot attend classes with me or someone else with whom you feel safe , then try this:  Think of someone you know and have positive feelings about.  Ask to receive a word for them.  This does not require you to deliver this word, merely receive.  Be still and see what comes through.  Perhaps the word might seem silly or odd.  Just thank Divine Source for giving this to you and let it go.  The next time you speak with this person, see if the word comes up.  This word is between your inner being and Divine Source.  However, if you feel it's appropriate, you can tell the person with whom you are speaking that you were thinking of them the other day and this same word came to mind.  They don't need to know why it came into your mind or how - until you might become comfortable sharing that information.  This word might be a validation that might bless them.

This Divine Connection and interaction utilizing your intuition is natural, normal and important for one's spiritual balance.  

Some people make a big deal out of lighting a candle and saying a prayer - which is a really great practice!  At the same time, using your intuition is really natural and doesn't require lengthy preparation​.  Maybe the preparation helps you feel prepared to receive.  Then by all means, please prepare!  At the same time, please know that you intuition normally and naturally connects to Divine Source and not the negative stuff.  

However, if you are in a state of worry or fear, this requires one to prepare one's self and remove self from the unnatural state of being of worry, anger, and fear.  (And their cousins - bitterness, despair, resentment, and the like.)  These emotions are normal, yet unnatural to the state of being connected to Divine Source and powered up in one's intuitive state.

We don't disconnect from our emotions as LOVE fuels the intuition process.  We do want to disconnect from denser emotions in order to power up.  ​

Now phase two of this discussion is having the connection as a conscious choice:

The optimum conscious choice for me is to stay powered up all the time.  I choose not to disconnect as that has become an unnatural state of being for me.  At the same time, I honor and pay attention to the intuitive information coming at me, so I no longer have those startling, overwhelming, unexpected flashes of insight.  It's is natural steady stream of awareness that feels really good!

Yet, as an empath, I still feel what others are feeling and I do require a safe level of connection - safe level of dis-connecting to other people - while remaining connected to Divine Source.  ​Other people can send out tremendous amounts of emotional energy that impinges upon our intuitive insights if we get caught up in the energetic maelstrom.

So, the second aspect of this is staying tuned in and powered up to our intuition and Divine Source without being overloaded by other people.  How do we do that?

My response to this may seem a bit odd... I strongly suggest that one might want to create a reservior of energy. This stash of energy provides us a cushion to sustain and support us.  Once can create a pool of energy through lots of different activities.  Writing, drawing, painting, singing, playing a musical instrument, walking the dog, dancing, observing the flow of water in a stream, visualizing flowing water in a stream . . .to name a few.

Without a cushion of energy, other people's stuff feels too intense.  With a cushion of energy, other people's energy sits in a place of observable without becoming emotionally challenging to us.  Yes, we still care that others are hurting or upset.  Yet, we can allow them to be where they are.  We can observe and respond with active caring without feeling overwhelmed or pressured.  We can hear what others have to say without feeling the need to be defensive or angry.  We can tune in and see if it resonates with us or triggers an old wound that has come to the surface to heal.  Dealing with each situation with loving intent brings great healing to our hearts and our past. . . IF we have the energetic reserves to allow ourselves the process.

What I'm saying here is this:  Shutting down intuitively blocks our awareness of the flow and connection to Divine Source.  Shutting down emotionally blocks our awareness of the flow and connection to Divine Source.  Tremendous POWER awaits our intent.  Powering UP, allows us to move through life's challenges with grace and strength not available to us when we are shut down.  We shut down when we don't understand this intuitive power.  It all becomes a vicious cycle.  

We stop the vicious cycle of blocked awareness when we:

1.  Allow ourselves the time and opportunity to generate an energetic reservoir of energy through creativity and interaction with nature.

2.  Actively tune in to Divine Source - beginning with asking for insights for another with whom we hold a positive awareness.

3.  Trust the flow of insights and impressions. 

4.  Stay powered up and connected as we observe and respond to life with Divine Strength and Grace gifted to us through our intuition.

5. Avoid shutting down emotionally by activating LOVE and AWARENESS.​

This is not to say this is easy.  Simple, but not easy.  Be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the time and attention necessary to ease into this awareness and powered up state of being.  Once tuned in, this natural state of being will support and guide you in all things. 

(Note:  Check your boundaries at this point.  If someone upsets you, then look to see what the set-up wants you to look at.  What is being set up to observe?  If we are upset because that person spoke before we had our coffee, we might want to look at our addiction to coffee rather than being upset at the other person for wishing to engage with us.  If we become angry because someone didn't do what we wanted them to do or how we expected them to react, then we get to look at our expectations.  If we feel like we were thrown under the bus to a supervisor at work about a confidence we shared, we get to look at who we can and cannot trust.  Our boundaries may be unsustainable in their current form.  The "upset" we experience may be our inner being "Setting Us Up" know it's time to shift and become aware in a new light, a new perspective.  Being "Powered UP" brings us UP!  Higher energy.  The denser things come into sharp focus for us to review and shift.)

So, let's review "Powering UP"​ . . . the power is there.  It is natural and free flowing, bringing us insights, courage, strength, and guidance.  As necessary, we utilize the processes of lighting a candle or meditation to release us from lower vibrations that block our awareness of Divine Connection.  We create and allow ourselves access to energetic reservoirs - cushions of energy - to assist us when dealing with others.  We energetically open our awareness on behalf of another with whom we share positive energy and safely power up our intuition and energy fields. Energy flows naturally and safely to bless us and others.  "Powering UP" flows directly from Divine Source and you have a right to receive it and allow it to strengthen and uplift you.

"Powering UP" becomes the new normal!