​I got a call the other day from someone who was in deep distress.  He had experienced a trauma.

The thing with trauma is this . . .  something that is nothing to me, could be really something to someone else. Trauma is personal and different situations impact each of us differently. We may be a bit afraid to address trauma thinking we "should" get over it or some other judgment upon ourselves. Whatever you might be experiencing, if it FEELS like trauma to you, then to YOU it IS trauma.

Honor that!​

So, this person was so upset they could hardly function.  (First clue this is a real and true  trauma.)  Now, this is a pretty stand up kinda guy.  He can pretty much do what ever he sets his mind to.  So for him to be upset to the point of not being able to function, this is the second clue that this is a trauma.  

We talked about the trauma a bit and got a big of insight about it all, but he just wasn't shaking the feelings.  Well, he may have been shaking, but the feelings were sticking like glue.

I told him I needed to pray about it and ponder it a bit and see what was going on.  The second I disconnected from him physically and connected in spiritually, I could see his energy field (his aura) was completely blown out.

"Blown Out" - Meaning - his energy field was no longer within a foot of his body.  It was about a mile out!  No wonder he was barely functioning!  Who can function with their energy out that far?!?

What that looks like to me is this . . . normally, I see a color surrounding a person's body.  That color can change depending upon their mood or their current situation.  Generally, a person will have the same core color usually with the color outside the body varying with life circumstances.  (To me anyway)  Usually, this color expands and softens when a person is relaxed and can retract and become deeper in intensity when a person is feeling more intense about something.  Like one's muscles can contract when you feel tense, the energy also can contract.

When we experience trauma, the ability to contract and expand normally not only goes away, the energy field blows out so that we can experience everything around our physical being.  Trauma puts us in high alert!  Our energy field responds by making sure we know what's going on long before it gets to us.

Unfortunately, If we don't know about this, our energy field can stay blown out for days or years after a trauma!

People tell me I have a pretty big energy field.  That's not  the same thing.  This Blown Out energy field is after a trauma and the energy field is weakened and depleted.  The color fades to nearly nothing while the sensing is expanded to unbelievable levels.

If you have experienced a trauma and felt like you just couldn't cope and just have gotten over it, perhaps your energy field has restored itself.  It can do that over time.  Evenso, once "Blown Out," an energy field tends to be expanded beyond its normal range.

So, how to restore the "Blown Out" energy field​?

First, see if you can imagine your energy as a color.  Any color that comes to your awareness​ is fine.  (You probably are correct in your guess - your intuition is stronger than you think!!)  

Notice how far away from your body your energy field is at this present moment.  Your core color stays within your body limits.  The energy field we are speaking about usually inhabits the space within arms length.  Is this color you are imagining further out that an arms length?  Does it fade out as you perceive it further from your body?  If so, your energy field has "Blown Out" at some point in the past. ​This can make you feel jittery, self conscious, hyper vigilant, agitated, fearful, and generally uncomfortable in your own skin.

Call your energy back to you.  Okay, that sounds really silly.  Like calling a dog back?​  Well, kinda.  You don't whistle for it or anything.  Just reach out with your awareness and touch the outside edge of the energy and welcome it back to you.  Tell the energy thank you for being on the alert, but you've got this now and it no longer needs to be out roaming.  It's time to come home and rest.  I tell you, from one who has called their own energy back, the energy is every so grateful to let go of the vigilance and return home.

As you touch this energy color with your awareness and with your intent to bring it home, it will respond immediately and come back to you.  You will within minutes begin to have more energy and feel more peaceful and POWERFUL!!!  (How cool is that!?!)​

It might take a few minutes to do this process.​  Once you feel your energy has returned "home" wrap this energy in a little band of a different color to give it a boundary, an edge, a safe haven, a definition.  Colors have meanings and specific colors can offer energetic support, BUT, don't worry about that too much.  Your intuition will guide you into selecting just the right color for now.  You can always make a new choice.  Part of this process is to allow your energy to relax, so you get to do that relaxing into the process as well.  (You know I'm right!  Try to relax into this!)

Once your energy is "home", breathe a few deep breaths and just enjoy this feeling.

Depending upon how long your energy field has been "Blown Out" - your energy may have a default setting to be way out there.  This doesn't mean you didn't do it right (relax, remember?) it just means, like a lost dog who is afraid, it's gonna take a bit of time for it to relax and feel at home.  Once a lost dog realizes it's home, it's loyalty is unrestrained and unfathomable.  Your energy will serve you in ways you never new possible!

I realize this is a long blog, and I truly appreciate you sticking with it.  This is an important subject that gets forgotten and we all need this reminder and steps to this simple process.

My sincere hope is that this truly blesses you and becomes a process you utilize as needed and share with others.  

Many Blessings!​