By Janice Lynch

I’ve had a song running around in my head today, An oldie but goodie, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” I was wondering what that was about since I hadn’t heard it on the radio.

I began to recognize how many times I’ve had to start over. Projects, careers, health care, and friendships, to name a few. Starting over is hard. Every time things changed, I felt I had failed.

Discarding an effort can lead to feeling let down or discouraged. Finally we reach rock bottom. We have nothing left to give and nothing left to try—that we currently know. Remember, rock bottom is the bedrock of a new foundation from which we build or re-build.

Discouragement isn’t the same as dissatisfaction. It’s okay to be dissatisfied with the status quo. Dissatisfaction does not exclude gratitude. One may find gratitude for the blessings currently in their life and still find themselves open to something that serves them better. Dissatisfaction heralds the awareness that more is possible. Better things await. Better than now. Better than what was.

Dissatisfaction means we don’t know for sure what we want, but we know a change is on the horizon—or on our doorstep. The change may be by our own doing, life circumstances, or someone else’s actions or choices. Shift happens and we are propelled into change.

We can resist change or we can use the momentum of change to summon that which is better into our lives. Even if we cannot imagine what ‘better’ might look like, The Universe (God, Higher Power, Divine Source, Spirit, All That Is {whatever your belief system upholds) wants ‘better’ for you and is willing to summon not only that which is ‘better’ into your life, but brilliance - right now!

Brilliance is the radiant energy of worthy work, caring friendships, improved vitality, and fulfilling projects. Brilliance feeds the soul and strengthens the physical form. (Don’t you feel the energy of those words!?!)

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Look for Brilliance! Brilliance begets brilliance. When you shine, others shine around you. Then, more shining, radiant opportunities find their way to your doorstep.

Find your bedrock. Summon brilliance. Allow radiance and spiritual blessings to abound. You Are Brilliant!