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Through diverse experiences and the ongoing process of life, I've developed a broad range of skills and abilities for empowering others to improve the quality of their lives. I'm a minister, writer, teacher, healer, lecturer, counselor, channeler, medium, and many things yet to come.

Unique visionary experiences show me healing techniques and processes to modulate, remove, or restore energetic structures within the body and its energetic fields for Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual healing.

My deep connection with spirit brings true insights, and from this I've created distinctive workshops and classes to teach others to acquire and implement these visionary skills and intuitive abilities.

I've written several books to help you on your journey. I also have a series of children's books coming soon!

What's New

Learn Intuitive Tarot Online

Would you like to learn more about Tarot and Intuitive Reading? This course will help you... even if You Think You Don't Have an Intuitive Bone in Your Body!

Ongoing Classes

There are a number of ongoing classes both in person and online. Check out The Divine Fellowship Calendar for the latest listings. 

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If you would like to learn more about classes and spiritual mentoring contact me at janice@janicelynch.com

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Dawning of Awareness


My life changed the day I sat down for a reading from Janice. It started me on a journey that changed my life. I've learned about my psychic gifts, more importantly, I learned about the gift of Spirit in my life.

Deb R

Janice Lynch shares, teaches, and writes from her heart. Her loving compassion and clarity of thought shine through all she does. She empowers others to reach deep into their soul to touch the darkest places and to "step out of fear and into faith."

Mary L

Janice Lynch has within her a vast love, kindness, and understanding. She meets you wherever you are completely without judgment. 

Patrick P


The Empowered Empath

14 Practical tips for avoiding energetic and intuitive overload !

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