Path of the Sacred B*tch

We wonder why the people we love, run away from commitment, seem to resent our success, or seem unable to trust us. What's stopping them? We are.

We have turned to aggression and control in a male dominated world and lost the power of our sacred self. What if there was a better way? What if that better way led you into more intimacy with loved ones and more respect at work?

Let this book help you find your way into the life your heart desires. Let The Path of the Sacred B*tch support you, guide you, and encourage you back to yourself - back into your heart - back into joy - back into your true power. Walk with me on a sacred path. The Path of the Sacred B*tch.

Spiritual Awakening

Christians think you can't be psychic. Psychics think you can't be Christian. Spiritual Awakening, A visionary Journey of Faith, Intuition, and Divine Connection says, "Think again!"

Sensing a loved one after they've passed; having a vivid dream that happens in real life; receiving a call from someone just as you thought of them; these and other happenings fall into the realm of spiritual experiences. How do they fit into the Christian faith?

Follow the quest for answers and explore spiritual discoveries that offer insights and tools for spiritual self-exploration.