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Intuitive Tarot

Throw away your Tarot book and learn how to really connect with your cards, bringing on a whole new level of connection and insight.  Check the calendar for current class schedule.

The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones are an ascended group of beings channeled through Janice Lynch. Check the calendar or join the Ascension Path with the Ancient Ones on Facebook to find out the latest classes and activities.  

Followers of the Way

This class explores the Divine Source (God, Higher Power, All that Is, etc.) from a point of Love and Compassion. A Divine Source wanting to connect with us on a higher level than we've known before offering insights for day-to-day life and stunning new ways of looking at those old sacred stories.

Check the calendar for the current class schedule.

Dream Quest...

This popular class is offered only every few years. If you are interested, let Janice know so she can add you to the list.

Dream Quest

A seeking, a journey in search of your true, spiritual self -- that part of you that transcends the physical world -- that part of you that already is the healer, the intuitive, the powerfully alive person living their destiny. 

Dream Quest utilizes proven experiential processes to unlock your psychic abilities and accelerate your spiritual/energetic development. Your teacher, Janice Lynch, presents material developed through her years of experience as a Psychic, Medium, Healer, Minister, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritual Mentor. Janice shares with you inspired processes and down-to-earth techniques that make Dream Quest a fulfillment of your own Dream Quest.

Dream Quest Offers Tools

Become an effective, spiritual being. The more tools we have, the more awareness we can attain, the happier we can be, and the more we are able to be of service. Utilize these proven experiential processes to discover your own destiny and attain mastery of the spiritual abilities you long for.

Manifesting What Your Heart Desires - What would you really like to see happen? Do you find yourself sabotaging your efforts for success? Sometimes our mental patterns conflict with our heart’s desire. Tapping into the spiritual realms and using intuitive techniques, we can discover what our heart truly desires. The key is not just a matter of a positive mind set, rather tapping into the creative force that opens the Universe to the heart and opening the heart to the Universe.

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